Perfect Blackjack

We all know and love the classic game of blackjack online. At Slots Heaven, it has to be one of our most popular online casino games. Everyone loves it for the mix of strategy and luck; it is like a perfect balance. But what if you could change up the rules just a little bit and have an additional feature that made the game more fun, more interesting, and a lot more lucrative in terms of your bankroll? Well then, you would have one of our most popular casino games – Perfect Blackjack!

Play Perfect Blackjack Online

All about Perfect Blackjack

Perfect Blackjack starts out the same as the classic version. You are dealt two cards face up while the dealer receives one face up and one face down. Then you decide to make whatever moves you would like, such as hit, stand, split, or even double down. Once you are done with your hand, meaning you got to 21, as close to 21 as possible, or busting, it is the dealer’s turn. Now remember, the dealer needs to draw on anything lower than 16 and stand on higher than 17.

But then what makes this different than the classic version? Well, during your betting turn, in Perfect Blackjack you are allowed to make a number of side bets regarding if you or the dealer can make a pair or not. Listed below are the pairs you can make:

  • Player’s Perfect Pair: first two cards belonging to the player are a perfect, colored, or red/black pair.
  • Dealer’s Perfect Pair: first two cards belonging to the dealer are a perfect, colored, or red/black pair.
  • Perfect Pair: first two cards are the same suit.
  • Colored Pair: first two cards are different suit but same color.
  • Red/Black Pair: first two cards are a pair with different colors and suits.

Let’s Play Perfect Blackjack

Keep in mind that you cannot make any kind of side bet in Perfect Blackjack if you do not have a regular bet also out on the table! And if you like this version of Blackjack, you should check out some of our other Slots Heaven game variations, including Lucky Blackjack, Blackjack Switch, and Pontoon. And the best part is you don’t even have to start by playing with actual cash if you don’t want to. Check out this gambling option in our free mode first! Learn the rules and study the strategy. Once you get the hang of it, you can always sign up for a real money account and start betting with actual cash. But there are no limits or financial obligations in free mode. Come and play at our online casino today!