Blackjack Surrender

No one will deny that online blackjack is a very fun game to play. But there is always so much money on the line and with one single flip of a card you can win it or lose it all. But what if you could play in such a manner that if you decide your cards aren’t good and give up before the dealer even starts, maybe you’d only lose half your stake and not the whole thing? Well, then you’d have Blackjack Surrender.

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All about Blackjack Surrender

If you know the rules and the buzzwords associated with classic Blackjack, you are already most of the way there in knowing how to play Blackjack Surrender. But there is one small difference. And it has to do with the name of the game.

Let’s say, for example, you stand on a hand but it isn’t a strong one, but you know if you hit again, the odds are you will bust. From what the dealer is showing, you know that most likely the dealer will beat you and you will lose your bet. Well, that’s how the traditional version works. But with Blackjack Surrender, there’s a twist that won’t leave you with nothing if you have a bad hand. You can surrender your cards and only lose half of your initial bet. Don’t think of this as giving in, but making a smart decision that will have you in the game much longer.

There are two types of surrendering in this Slots Heaven casino game online. The first is an early surrender. Here, you surrender your cards before the dealer has the chance to flip over their face down card. This means you are reacting solely to the face up card the dealer is showing. With the second option, the late surrender, you can surrender after the dealer flips over the card only if they do not get 21. But keep this in mind: if you ever spot this card game at a physical gambling establishment, the early surrender is not an option because it does lower the house’s edge.

Play Blackjack Surrender

If you are getting close to busting but you know the dealer will beat you, then isn’t getting half your bet back better than nothing at all? Of course it is, which is why at Slots Heaven we offer Blackjack Surrender! Come and check it out today at our new online slots! Who knows, you may just end up being the next big winner!