Pre-paid Casino

Our players need secure, user-friendly ways of depositing and withdrawing their funds, and that's why is a Pre-paid Casino.

Available as mobile vouchers, electricity top-ups and debit cards, the pre-paid card is a quick and easy payment method that's pre-loaded with cash. This means that the card’s not linked to your bank account, but is simply used as a means of purchasing credit which you may then use online. Available for purchase in selected retail outlets, pre-paid cards have the added benefit of anonymity — once you've bought a card, you needn't share your bank details with anyone else. Also, some cards can be used to perform transactions in both the virtual and real worlds.

More About Our Pre-paid Casino

As a Pre-paid Casino, we accept this type of card as one of our many deposit options. Pre-paid cards are popular among players who are without a debit or credit card, as well as those that wish to manage their account on a cash basis. Whatever your reasons, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at Slots Heaven online slots.

Service Providers At Our Pre-paid Casino

Online gamers at our Pre-paid Casino will find this a secure and convenient option. Check out our payment methods for your pre-paid card provider, then simply click their logo and enter the code from your voucher or card. Your account will then be credited with funds up to the value of the card you purchased — simple, safe and instant!

These are the pre-paid card providers that you will find at our online casino:

  • PaySafeCard: This company is the market leader in Europe for pre-paid online solutions and services. Purchase with cash and then use online to make secure and anonymous transactions.